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Nomophobia - The fear of losing access to your phone Electronics and moisture do not get along.  Get it wet and your phone goes haywire…Panic ensues and you search for….rice.? RICE IS FOR EATING! 


Firearms and Ammo  also hate moisture and no solution applying technology  existed....


 The Story Behind Absorbits:

 We at Absorbits are tech-obsessed and sometimes clumsy. Our story and the development of our patented moisture removal technology are the results. Our founder and inventor drenched his phone while washing his boat. He tried rice after it was recommended to him from the help desk at a big box retailer, but it doesn't work. Plus, a grain of rice got lodged in the charging port! Silica packs come in everything that is sensitive to moisture. What would happen if you encapsulated the desiccated in moisture wicking nylon? This led to the development of our initial product, The Wet Phone Rescue Pouch. On September 27, 2017, he was awarded a Utility Patent for the use of the moisture removal system built into the pouch. This was the FIRST PATENTED way to dry wet electronics.

Firearm Solution

  We are second amendment advocates and saw the need to provide value and utility to those in service of our country. Working alongside police, fire, and military personnel, we applied our patented Bone-Dri technology and developed a Ballistics line to help keep firearms in optimal working order in any conditions. Humidity and moisture can affect your gun's performance and make cleaning difficult. Now you can transport and store your weapon with confidence and cleaning is a breeze.

Cannabis Storage       KEEP YOUR STASH DRY,   NOT DRIED OUT !

  Our Patented Bone-Dri© technology to help you keep your stash dry and in optimal condition.  Our bags also provide the correct amount of airflow so your medicine will not get funky.  Commercially over 30 % of all cannabis is lost to mold and moisture. Works great for vape cartridges and rigs as well.

                                                       LIFE HAPPENS. BE READY WITH ABSORBITS!