About Absorbits


Nomophobia - The fear of losing accessibility to your phone. Its real and we spend over 37 Billion dollars a year on accessories to protect our electronics.  Electronics and moisture do not get along. Get it wet and  your phone goes haywire…Panic ensues and you search for….rice.? RICE IS FOR EATING! 

So, we at Absorbits set out to create a simple, sleek and economical way to dry your phone. At heart we're tech obsessed, sometimes clumsy foodies.  We are also second amendment advocates and saw a need for our technology in the firearms space.

Necessity is the mother of invention.  Our founder and inventor drenched his phone while washing his boat. He tried rice after it was recommended to him from the help desk at a big box retailer, and nothing happened. Plus, a grain of rice got lodged in the charging port!

This led to the inspiration to invent Absorbits, The first and only patented pouch to dry wet electronics. This line has expanded a to include pouches to dry cellphones, iPhones, iPads, tablets, watches, Firearms, ammunition,  and much more! Its patented designed allows for water and humidity extraction by utilizing materials that will wick away and compartmentalize moisture and bring your electronics back from a watery grave.

Our patented technology  is now being applied to firearms cases to keep guns and ammunition dry and in optimal working order in any weather condition. Our revolutionary line of ballistics cases  will remove moisture and preserve penetrating oils to keep guns properly lubricated. Humidity and moisture can affect your guns performance and make cleaning difficult. Now you can transport and store your weapon with confidence and cleaning is a breeze.