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Absorbits Wet Phone Rescue Pouch - Silver
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Bone-Dri™ offered by Absorbits  Wet Phone Rescue Pouch - Saves Smartphones from Water Disasters - As Featured on NBC - Absorbits
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Absorbits Wet Phone Rescue Pouch - Silver

  • SKU: AP100SL
  • Vendor: Absorbits
  • Barcode: 860118000442

  • CELL PHONE DRY POUCH – we know how easy it is for your cell phone to accidentally get wet and immediate panic starts to set in as you rush to find something to dry your cell phone out with. We have found a solution to the problem by creating the Absorbits phone drying pouch to keep on hand in your car, bag or desk drawer to extract moisture and help bring your electronics back to life!

     EFFECTIVE MOISTURE EXTRACTION – our patented Bone-Dri technology effectively extracts moisture and humidity by utilizing materials that wick away and compartmentalize moisture, helping to revive your electronics within a matter of hour

    REUSABLE PHONE RESCUE POUCH – each of our phone dryer pouches can be reused multiple times by drying out after use with a hairdryer on low heat and measures 5 x 9inches, designed to fit most size cellular devices. Available in four colors, silver, blue, black and purple, we have a cell phone dry pouch to suit everyone’s taste

    QUICK SOLUTION FOR YOUR PHONE – featuring our unique Bone-Dri technology, this phone rescue pouch effectively removes moisture from your mobile device within a matter of hours, so you’ll be connected again in no time at all

    IDEAL FOR THE OUTDOOR ENTHUSIAST – being exposed to the outdoor elements and rainy weather can attract unwanted moisture and humidity to your mobile device. Having an Absorbits phone rescue pouch on hand can save you time and money by providing added protection your cell phone when you’re enjoying the outdoors

Additional Information
Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester

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